TReats Smoothie and Juice Bar 

Wheat Grass

Smoothies and Juice 
Enjoy fresh, all natural smoothies or juice. We make all our smoothies and juice to order so you get the most nutirents from each ingredient. 
Protein Energy Balls 
We pack the best ingredients in this snack to give you a punch of energy when you need it most and taste amazingly great! 
Packed with 90 minerals, essential enzymes and19 amino acids, this liquid chlorophyll is king of the Alkaline foods. Wheat Grass cleanses the liver, fights cancer and inflammation and is an energy booster.
Top Quality Smoothie and Juice Bar
The Best in Town
Owned and operated by hometown girls, we are honored to be the only smoothie and juice bar in Travelers Rest, SC. We pride ourselves in using local and organic seasonal fruits and veggies to make delicious smoothies and juice!  
  1. Fresh Veggies
    Fresh Veggies
  2. Fresh Fruit
    Fresh Fruit
  3. Fresh Add Ins
    Fresh Add Ins
Always providing healthy treats!